Bintang Sejahtera

Bintang Sejahtera Memperkenalkan Usaha Depan Panelist Ahli dan Publik di ASIC2018

Pada acara ASIC2018 tercatat 10 wirausaha sosial yang terpilih dari program Rise Ins. Stars 5 memperkenalkan usaha mereka di depan panelist ahli dan publik.

10 Wirausaha yang terpilih adalah :

  • Belimbing Island
  • Bintang Sejahtera NTB
  • Lactashare
  • Mendekor
  • Siswa Wirausaha
  • Studio Dapur
  • Tenoon
  • Rebrew

They have presented their business model in front of 4 expert panels such as Adi Sudewa, Senior Investment Manager of Aavishkar, Tommy Fadjar Hutomo, Deputy of Financial Access, Indonesian Agency for Creative Economy, Sahala Situmorang, Partner Transaction Advisory Services of EY Indonesia and Iwan Setiawan, Editor in Chief Of Marketeers & COO of MarkPlus, Inc, Inc.

The 4 expert panels gave them some insight on how to grow their business or what they needed to do to make more impact as a social enterprise.

We also want to say thanks to the Rise Inc. Stars mentors: Ramya Prajna S, Co-founder & Co-CEO Think.Web, Anantya Van Bronckhorst, Co-founder & Co-CEO Think.Web, Bayu Asmara, Managing Director Super Union and Augustine Merriska, Community Impact Director PLUS for always supporting Rise Inc. Stars participants.

Semoga dengan adanya program ini semakin banyak wirausaha sosial yang mengikuti program ini untuk belajar dan berkembang.

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